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The Language Of Numbers In Your Rose Bouquet

The Language Of Numbers In Your Rose Bouquet

A single red rose simply symbolizes love at first sight. As you’ll probably know, it is a favorite way to surprise a new love on Valentine’s Day and one of the best ways to demonstrate your growing romantic feelings with flowers.


2 roses are all about mutual love. This is a great answer to send if you’ve just received a single red rose from your beau. This signifies requited feelings and a shared commitment in a future relationship.


A trio of roses says: “I love you”. A rose for each word. 3 roses are a simple yet effective way to remind someone of your commitment to them as your relationship progresses and are a great surprise for any occasion.

Continue with more numbers in the delicate language of roses numbers.


A quintet of roses sends a message of deep love and admiration for someone special. It says to your sweetheart that you love them more than words alone can describe.



If you want to tell someone special “I want to be yours” then this 6 roses is the bouquet to do it with.


When you have a love which is free and unbound then seven is the number of roses to communicate it with. This arrangement tells your recipient that you are infatuated with them and that you are the only person that they can think about.

Nine beautiful roses in a bouquet tells your partner that you want to be together forever. That’s right, this is number of roses to show your lover that your affection is eternal!


Simply, you are a “perfect 10”! If there is someone who is more beautiful to you than anything else, then tell them with 10 roses.


A dozen roses symbolizes infinite love. 12 appears often in mythology and culture and normally signifies a cosmic infinity and of course here that is no exception. Send 12 roses to the one for whom your love is limitless.

There are a few interpretations of what 13 roses in a bouquet mean. One thing most sources seem to agree on is that 13 roses is less about romantic overtures and more about friendly gestures. Rather than the infinite love of 12 roses 13 suggest the classic idea of an eternal friendship.


If you send someone 25 roses then you are basically saying congratulations for something
special like a promotion or an engagement. The overriding message is that the sender wishes the
recipient happiness in whatever they’re doing.

Apart from saying that you really go to town on your romantic gestures, 50 roses is usually agreed to mean an unconditional or highly meaningful love.


As if this gesture wasn’t already a sign to say that you are totally devoted to your
loved one, 100 roses is also said to mean that your love for your significant other will last
for 100 years.


This number of roses is quite self explanatory as a bouquet of this size is a way to say “I love
you” on every day of the year (don’t forget the extra rose if it’s a leap year though).

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