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The Language Of Numbers In Your Rose Bouquet

A single red rose simply symbolizes love at first sight. As you’ll probably know, it is a favorite way to surprise a new love on Valentine’s Day and one of the best ways to demonstrate your growing romantic feelings with flowers.


2 roses are all about mutual love. This is a great answer to send if you’ve just received a single red rose from your beau.

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How To Always Impress With Fresh Roses

IFLOWERYOU’S complete guide to roses and how to take care of them


Roses are probably the world’s best loved flower.

They are the first bloom anyone thinks of when it comes to romance and have inspired paintings, poetry, music and even politics!

At IFLOWERYOU we want to make sharing these beautiful flowers easier and better, which is why we’re making such information available for our readers to always impressing with fresh roses.

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Pro Tricks: How to Make Flowers in Lebanon Last Longer

Taking care of your flowers in Lebanon may come up with strange and effective ideas that might not exist anywhere else in the world. With simple tips that use Lebanese household ingredients for making your flowers last longer, we are confident you’ll find your way to make those Mother’s Day flowers in Lebanon, Valentine’s Day Lebanon roses, Birthday flowers Lebanon, graduation bouquet, or anniversary arrangement bloom vibrantly and stay fresh for a few more days.

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French Twist: A Step-By-Step Hand-Tied Bouquet

Mimi Brown shows how to make a hand-tied bouquet, in the classic European style

One of my favorite pastimes is to stand (mill about, rather) in a European flower shop and watch as the staff cranks out these bouquets, quickly and effortlessly. I’ve learned many ways to teach this technique and have found this method to be the easiest. Right off the bat, let me say this: Do not be intimidated.

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Holiday Table Garland

Flower magazine’s Jessica Cohen shows how to make a Thanksgiving table centerpiece garland using magnolia branches and other greenery, assorted red chrysanthemums, and solidago.

Inspired by the Fall season and the Thanksgiving holiday, I created this fresh garland for the table. For me, Thanksgiving is about spending time with family and friends while enjoying a warm, comforting home-cooked meal around the dining room table. This symmetrical garland is low and can be viewed from every angle,

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